Adds a desctiotion about a C1 Function. Different C1 Function providers let developers create new C1 Functions by creating artifacts like static funtions in C#, Razor Web Pages, User Controls etc. These C1 Functions can have descriptions and this attribute let you control this description. The use of this attribute is relative to the C1 Function provider being used.

Namespace: Composite.Functions
Assembly: Composite (in Composite.dll) Version: 6.1.6325.31818


public sealed class FunctionAttribute : Attribute
Visual Basic
Public NotInheritable Class FunctionAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
Visual C++
public ref class FunctionAttribute sealed : public Attribute


Here is an example of how to use FunctionAttribute:
[Function(Description="The description goes here")]
public static int GetItemCount() 
    // more code here


Here is an example of how to use FunctionAttribute to annotate a class:
[FunctionParameter(Label="Item count", DefaultValue=10)]
public int ItemCount { get; set; }
Note that Name is not expected when FunctionParameterAttribute is used this way.

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