Data Providers which expose IFile elements (like IMediaFile for a custom Media File Provider) expose access to stream reads/writes by annotating the class implementing IFile with the FileStreamManagerAttribute attribute, passing the type of a IFileStreamManager as attribute parameter. C1 CMS will, via the attribute on the IFile, get the type responsible for stream reads/writes. The class implementing this interface is expected to provide read/write access to the file store being introduced by a file oriented File Provider.

Namespace: Composite.Data.Streams
Assembly: Composite (in Composite.dll) Version: 6.1.6325.31818


public interface IFileStreamManager
Visual Basic
Public Interface IFileStreamManager
Visual C++
public interface class IFileStreamManager


Here is an example of how to inform C1 CMS about IFileStreamManager
public abstract class SomeFile : IFile
   /// ....

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