Public classLoginProviderData
Base class for login provider configuration. Inherit from this class to declare the configuration a custom provider.
Public classNonConfigurableLoginProvider
Default login provider configuration, you can use this if you require no custom configuration fields.
Public classNonConfigurableLoginProviderAssembler
Assembles login providers based on type only, i.e. without anhy custom configuration. If your provider require custom configuration you should also make your own assembler and configuration classes.


Public interfaceIFormLoginProvider
Interface for form login providers - providers able to validate logins (username/password) and manage basic login information. The provider is as a minimum expected to provide Validate( username, password ), UsersExists { get; } and AllUsernames { get; }. If the provider support adding new users and changing a users password, this is declared via CanAddNewUser and CanSetUserPassword.
Public interfaceILoginProvider
Base interface for login providers.