Public classActionGroup
Define a priority/relevance and optional named group for an action. The priority/relevance influence the position of the action in menus.
Public classActionHandle
A handle to an action - a unique and serializable way to identify actions.
Public classActionLocation
Define the location of an action in menus. Actions can be grouped by type (add,edit,delete,other) and in primary and secondary.
Public classActionVisualizedData
Describe how an action should appear visually (label, icon).
Public classAttachingPoint
Expose ElementTokens for common C1 Console perspectives and folders
Public classBrowserViewSettings
Describes a browser view - URL and if tooling should be active.
Public classElement
Define a tree element to be displayed in the C1 Console tree structure
Public classElementAction
Define an action you can attach to an Element.
Public classElementDragAndDropInfo
Details describing how this element may be dragged or accept dragged elements
Public classElementHandle
An "identity token" which identifies a specific element from a specific provider.
Public classElementProviderContext
Context assigned to element providers when they are constructed. Contains a helper method for constructing a provider specific ElementHandle and the configuation based name of the provider.
Public classElementVisualizedData
Describe an elements visual appearance
Public classSearchToken
Class that describe a element provider search. Sub class this for more specific fields. As a minimum a Keyword is present.
Public classUrlToEntityTokenFacade
Associates C1 console tree elements with a url to be used for public consumption or showing in the C1 console browser.


Public interfaceIServiceUrlToEntityTokenMapper
Allows Data Scope Services to Add or Clean their parameters to or from the URL and update a entity token with their associate properties
Public interfaceIUrlToEntityTokenMapper
Allows associating C1 console tree elements with a url for public consumption (TryGetURL) and for the C1 console browser (TryGetBrowserViewSettings)


Public enumerationActionCheckedStatus
Actions may have a checkbox associated with them, indicating it they are turned on or not or uncheckable.
Public enumerationActionGroupPriority
The priority/relevance of an action group. Use 'PrimaryHigh' if actions in this group are the most relevant actions available. Otherwise use another value to move actions down in menus.
Public enumerationActionType
Enumeration of different types of actions. If in doupt use 'Other'.
Public enumerationElementActionActivePosition
Where an action should be shown visually. One or more may be selected.