The DataTypeDescriptor type exposes the following members.


Public methodDataTypeDescriptor()()()()
Instantiates an instance of DataTypeDescriptor with default settings.
Public methodDataTypeDescriptor(Guid, String, String, Boolean)
Instantiates an instance of DataTypeDescriptor.
Public methodDataTypeDescriptor(Guid, String, String, String)
Instantiates an instance of DataTypeDescriptor with a custom Type Manager.
Public methodDataTypeDescriptor(Guid, String, String, String, Boolean)
Instantiates an instance of DataTypeDescriptor with a custom Type Manager.


Public methodAddSuperInterface
Adds an interface the data type should inherit from
Public methodClone
Clones the data type description.
Public methodStatic memberFromXml
Deserializes a data type descriptor
Public methodGetInterfaceType
Returns the CLT Type for this data type description.
Public methodRemoveSuperInterface
Removes a super interface
Public methodToXml
Serialize the data type description to XML
Public methodValidate
Validate the data type description or throw an exception.


Public propertyBuildNewHandlerTypeName
Type name for custom handler to use when building new instances of the data type.
Public propertyCachable

Field Value

true data of this type may be cached.
Public propertyDataAssociations
Attached a associated to another data type, like page meta data or page folder data.
Public propertyDataScopes
The data scopes this data type exist in. Typically always "public". Also "administrated" if this type supports publishing.
Public propertyDataTypeId
The data types permant id.
Public propertyFields
The fields (aka properties or columns) of the type.
Public propertyHasCustomPhysicalSortOrder
When true this type has a physical sortorder specified.
Public propertyIndexes
Public propertyInternalUrlPrefix
The internal url name
Public propertyIsCodeGenerated
True if the interface code for this type is created via code generation. False for statically compiled types.
Public propertyIsPageFolderDataType
True when the data type is associated to C1 CMS pages as an agregation
Public propertyIsPageMetaDataType
True when the data type is associated to C1 CMS pages as an composition
Public propertyKeyPropertyNames
Primary keys.
Public propertyLabelFieldName
The name of field to use when labeling data of this type.
Public propertyLocalizeable
When true data can be localized.
Public propertyName
The short name of the type, without namespace and assembly info
Public propertyNamespace
The data types namespace
Public propertySearchable

Field Value

true the data of this type is searchable.
Public propertyStoreSortOrderFieldNames
A list of field names that the provider should use when physically storing data. Select ordering is not (necessarily) influenced by this setting.
Public propertySuperInterfaces
All interfaces this data type inherit from
Public propertyTitle
The data types title
Public propertyTypeManagerTypeName
Type name of the Type Manager responsible for this data type.
Public propertyVersionKeyPropertyNames
Version keys, appear in the physical order but not included in data references.

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