The DataSourceId type exposes the following members.


Public methodDataSourceId(IDataId, String, Type)
This is for internal use only!
Public methodDataSourceId(IDataId, String, Type, DataScopeIdentifier, CultureInfo)
This is for internal use only!


Public methodStatic memberDeserialize
Recreate a DataSourceId based on a serialized string representation of it.
Public methodSerialize
Serialize to string
Public methodStatic memberTryDeserialize
Tries to deserialize a string as a DataSourceId.


Public propertyDataId
Object which the data provider can use to uniquely identify the 'table record' in its own store matching a data element.
Public propertyDataScopeIdentifier
The data scope (language and published/unpublished) from which the data element originate.
Public propertyExistsInStore
True when the data element represents a physically stored element
Public propertyInterfaceType
The interface used for the data element. This is expected to be implementing IData.
Public propertyLocaleScope
The language from which the data element originate.
Public propertyProviderName
Name of the data provider responsible for the data element.
Public propertyPublicationScope
The publication scope (published or unpublished) from which the data element originate.

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