The ElementVisualizedData type exposes the following members.


Public methodElementVisualizedData
Initializes a new instance of the ElementVisualizedData class


Public propertyBundleElementName
When bundling elements this field is used to identify this specific element for selection
Public propertyElementBundle
Having a common ElementBundle across elements will make the client bundle them up as a single node, and allow the user to select a specific element via a drop down, showing individual BundleElementName values
Public propertyHasChildren
If this element has (may have) chrildren. When true navigation for opening the element will be provided.
Public propertyIcon
The icon of the element (when closed)
Public propertyIsDisabled
When true the element will be shown in the UI but in a grayed out way with all actions disabled
Public propertyLabel
Label to be shown in tree
Public propertyOpenedIcon
The icon of the element when open (when children are shown)
Public propertyToolTip
Tooltip for the element - typically shown when hovering the element

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