The ActionLocation type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberAddPrimaryActionLocation
A primary action, adding data. This will make the action show up between add and delete, next to other add actions (if any).
Public fieldStatic memberDeletePrimaryActionLocation
A primary action, deleting data. This will make the action show up after edit and add actions, next to other delete actions (if any).
Public fieldStatic memberEditPrimaryActionLocation
A primary action, editing data. This will make the action show up as one of the first, next to other edit actions (if any).
Public fieldStatic memberOtherPrimaryActionLocation
A primary action, doing something besides from add, edit and delete. This can be a view/report actions etc.


Public propertyActionBundle
Bundle actions behind a drop down button. If multiple actions on an element share ActionBundle value, they can be compounded in the client UI.
Public propertyActionGroup
Where the action should be grouped. Grouping is typically based on a priority, but can be a unique named group you define. If your action is a primary action for the element it is attacted to you should ensure the ActionGroupPriorty is set to PrimaryHigh. The lower priority, the lower in a menu list the action will appear.
Public propertyActionType
Declare what type of action this is: Edit, Add, Delete, Other. You may also use 'DeveloperMode' which will hide the action when the C1 Console run in normal operations mode.
Public propertyFolderName
Not implemented at client level. Setting a folder name will have no effect.
Public propertyIsInFolder
Not implemented at client level. Setting this to true will have no effect.
Public propertyIsInToolbar
Set to true if your action is important enough to be shown in the toolbar. If this is a very specialized command, consider not showing it in the toolbar.

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